The summer of 1968 was profound time for America. For many baby boomers – on the ground in Chicago, or in front of a TV – witnessing the anger and violence was an emotional turning point. And now 50 years later, new generations are focusing on 1968 for the numerous lessons learned. Seeing ’68, at NYMF 2018, will allow you to feel, know and experience this cultural event.

Insightfully written and beautifully composed by award-winning artists who are also keen observers of politics, 68 transcends audiences in time; moves, entertains, haunts and inspires them; and returns them to see the present through new eyes. With passion, humor, insight and memorable musicality and performances, ’68 presents a portrait of America firmly grounded in the present and looking forward to our shared future.


“There are three critical human values that should guide our every move.
The first value is love which must guide all.
The second value is respect which should be at the root of all we do.
The third value is recognition of human dignity. We must always share the dignity that is especially ours.
In cherishing and perfecting these values, we will make the world a better place for us all.”
-Greg Coenen

As a sophomore in college, Greg Coenen was among the protesters outside of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago and witnessed firsthand an event that tore at the cultural fabric of our country. Ten years since Greg’s passing and fifty years since 1968, the Coenen Family Foundation is seeking to commemorate Greg’s legacy and the volatile events of that year through a powerful and moving new piece of musical theater: ‘68.

We are enormously grateful to the people who have donated their time and money to incubate this work. 
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Gregory J Coenen Family Foundation

receives support from Tom and Tim Coenen and the Gregory J. Coenen Family Foundation.





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