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July 24-29. Get your tickets now.

68 is the compelling historical musical about the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. Authors Jamie Leo and Paul Leschen’s original new work is told through multiple characters whose lives were impacted in profound and hilarious ways.

’68 is told through unexpectedly moving tales about that troubled summer when Americans witnessed – for the first time ever – vast scenes of violence broadcast live on TV. You’ll come away moved and lifted by the heartaches, history, and culture of ’68. Insightfully written and beautifully composed by award-winning artists (and keen political observers), 68 transcends time to move, entertain, haunt, and inspire; and returns you to see the present through new eyes.

You’ll experience the culture-changing events through the hearts and minds of Chicago research librarians, hotel housekeepers, street cops, campaign volunteers, and community organizers who were at the center of the storm.

With passion, humor, insights, and 14 new beautiful and memorable songs performed by an exceptional ensemble of ten, ’68 presents a portrait of America firmly grounded in the present and looking forward to our shared future.

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First audiences

“My own memories of 1968 came alive while watching ‘68, which I found to be touching and true to the momentous shift we all witnessed then. With wonderful music and writing, it didn’t feel dated, rather it felt like a must-experience milestone that elevates and embraces as we hurdle forward, resisting and persisting in the present, toward a future where all can thrive.” – Wendy B

“Watching this production you know you’re witnessing something very important. Where can I get the cast album?” – Joseph F

“The story is compelling and the music was wonderful.” Keith G

“It has been five days since I saw your musical for the first and only time, and I am still singing two songs from it daily. My partner and I cannot stop talking about it among ourselves, it is truly spectacular. I am so amazed at ’68.” – Nina T

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